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my mission / the origin

After a close relative suffered a stroke of fate in 2007, I find myself standing in front of around 30 folders with unsorted private documents. Unfortunately, there was no ability to act quickly at this point. Only after weeks of sorting, arranging, destroying and searching and numerous phone calls, letters and emails with insurance companies, banks and authorities brought some transparency. Based on this experience, I then completely rebuilt and restructured my own family’s entire personal finance and private accounting system. I wanted to spare my 3 children and my grandchild such an experience!

Subsequent discussions in my private and professional environment revealed that personal finance and private accounting is often generally disorganized and that precautions for an emergency / stroke of fate are often not made at all or only inadequately. Unfortunately, our school systems teach our children far too little about real life in the context of finances. They often learn nothing about banking systems, payment transactions, loans, debt prevention, contracts, insurance, retirement provision and investments. I want to change that in the future. I want to help everyone manage their finances and have more money left over for their dreams.

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