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part of step 2 – regular maintenance of your income and expenses

Our financial journey is stepping into the next phase!

To bridge the foundation you’ve built with reality, it’s time to get down to business. Enter the actual incomes and expenses – preferably daily, but at least weekly – behind the respective categories in your table. Don’t lose motivation by postponing the effort. Remember your first step, making the decision, and now turn it into regular actions.

Start with your daily expenses. Keep receipts, jot down every purchase on your smartphone or in a notebook – directly in the table with the overall overview, as described in the previous chapter. Just a few minutes of daily discipline lay the groundwork for a savvy handling of your money. Over time, this will become a solid routine in your daily life.

At the end of the month, grab your bank statements and transfer any yet unrecorded values. This usually takes no more than half an hour. Set a minimum goal for regular recording: at least one month. After two months, you can make better comparisons, and after three or more months, you’ll spot patterns and recognize ‘expensive months’ or forgotten payments more easily.

After each month, reconcile your budget with the actual values. Adjust where necessary. Spent more? Then adjust the budget upwards. Spent less? Adjust it downwards. For long-term fluctuations, enter an average budget.

Be ruthlessly honest with yourself at this point. No self-deception or glossing over budgets – regardless of the balance at the bottom. Honesty creates the best foundation to smartly manage your financial situation. You’ve got this!

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